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house_of_eliott's Journal

The House of Eliott LJ Community
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All things relating to the BBC TV series The House of Eliott

This is an LJ fan community for the 1990s BBC TV series The House of Eliott, starring Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard and following the fortunes of the two Eliott sisters as they struggle to establish themselves as a new fashion house in 1920s London.

It's the place to come to sigh over Bea/Jack, discuss the show's 1920s fashions, wonder at Evie's unending string of unsuitable suitors, gossip with the girls in the workroom, speculate on what happened after the unexpected ending, and, of course, post fic, icons, graphics, recs, vids, prompts, news, meta etc. In short, anything relating to the show is welcome here.

The rules are few and simple:

1. Be nice - no bashing, flaming, trolling, or selling exclusive fashion designs to a rival house. Ask yourself: would Aunt Lydia approve?
2. Any large graphics, long text or Not Safe for Work content should go under an LJ cut.
3. All posts should be in some way related to the TV series concerned.
4. Have fun!

The comm is a purely fan effort and is not in any way officially affiliated with the BBC, the TV series or anyone involved.
1920s, aden gillett, art, arthur eliott, barbara jefford, bea/jack, beatrice eliott, british drama, cathy murphy, costume drama, daniel page, eileen atkins, evangeline eliott, fanfic, fashion, francesca folan, haut couture, historical drama, house of eliott, icons, jack maddox, jean marsh, jim parker, joseph wint, judy flynn, louise lombard, lydia eliott, madge howell, penelope maddox, period drama, peter birch, richard lintern, stella gonet, stephen churchett, tilly watkins, twentieth century