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Episode Discussion : Series 1, Episode 3

We talked about episode 2 within the episode 1 thread in case anyone wondered why we'd missed one out!

So, get chatting folks!

Jack & Bea Discussion

After some fabulous twitter discussions about the general fabulousness of Jack & Bea, it was decided more space was needed.  So, here is a thread for anything Jack & Bea related - discussion, analysis, squee. There will be spoilers for the entire series no doubt!

Episode Discussion : Series 1, Episode 1

Welcome to our little episode discussion! We start with the first episode - put your thoughts in the comments and debate away! *g*

NYR Challenge - HoE Yuletide requests

yuletide had 3 requests for House of Eliott fic, and sadly none of them were filled during the main challenge.

But you know what that means? That means these three requests are sitting there, waiting to be written for the 2012 New Year's Resolution challenge! (You'll need access to the AO3 to take part, but there are no other restrictions. You need to make sure you post it to the collection and gift it to the correct recipient.) One of them is mine, but I suppose I'd better include it rather than not:

1. Request: Evangeline Eliott (Calleigh_J)
I love Evie a lot. Maybe something set after the series finale - a resolution to that dratted cliffhanger - or season one Evie thinking about her place in society.
More details/Dear Yuletide Letter here: http://calleigh-j.livejournal.com/196427.html

2. Request: Tilly Watkins (sistermagpie)
More details/ Dear Yuletide Letter here: http://sistermagpie.livejournal.com/203435.html

3. Request: Jack Maddox, Beatrice Eliott (lost_spook)
Beatrice Eliott, Jack Maddox. Any fic about them would be great, whether it's fluff (early days, or a happy weekend at the cottage, I don't mind), something exploring their backstories, or their respective professional lives, but preferably less arguing than in the series, please. Bea/Jack is what I'm after, but I prefer no explicit details, please.
More details/Dear Yuletide Letter here: http://lost-spook.livejournal.com/204998.html#cutid1

Watch-a-thon Heads Up!

Hey everyone,

Just a heads up that tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) around 4pm flip18 and I have decided to have a watch-a-thon, starting at episodes 1 & 2 and to meet here for a discussion/analysis/squee about the episodes, hopefully doing one a week if we can!

Be smashing to see others there if you fancy dusting off your DVD's (or you can watch the episode on YouTube) and threading a needle to join us!

Thread will be open at 4pm tomorrow - see you there, or be square (like Cousin Arthur).

A Most Mysterious Murder

I recently found this on YouTube starring Stella and was struck at the HoE similarities - set in 1928/1929, Stella is very Bea with the bobbed hair back and I swear, some of the original HoE wardrobe too (the black suit looks very familiar, as does the fur coat) and her character is very Bea too.

As it's 10 years post HoE filming, it's kind of a glimpse of what Bea might look like in that hypothetical War Years revival! LOL!

A really good episode too, just in and of itself.


It's in 5 parts.

For your information...

yuletide nominations are currently open (for the next few hours, anyway). And I have nominated The House of Eliott and it's now been approved as a Yuletide fandom. Hurrah! Of course, that's no guarantee anything will come of it, but it's worth a try, and I shall certainly be requesting it.

In the process I discovered that there is one fanwork (the same one) on ff.net and AO3 - a HoE poem:

You Can by planet_p

I noticed there was already a tag for HoE on AO3 and was curious, as I'd looked for fic before, but this was added in the summer. (There is hope for our fandom, after all...)

HoE in the Radio Times

There was a brief snippet about it on the letters page this week, in the 'You ask us' column:

"I've been thoroughly hooked on the daily repeats on ITV3 of House of Eliott. However, there only appears to have been three series, with no resolution at the end of the third. Why was it terminated so abruptly?"

RT tracked down Jeremy Gwilt, who produced all three series (originally shown on BBC1, 1991-94). He told us: "The BBC wanted a fourth series but I felt we'd covered as much ground as we could. Also Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard wanted to do other things. I'd hoped that we might get a Christmas special to tie up some loose ends, but it never materialised and when you lose momentum, it's hard to pick it up again. Every so often the idea of a remake gets mentioned and all I'd say is never say never, but it's not something I'm actively thinking about."


Book: House of Eliott The War Years

Has anyone else read this?  Thoughts (and gasps of horror) underneath the cut:

Oh dear, oh dearCollapse )


HoE Icons

Video - "Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?"

Well, I know I made this ages ago - but I wanted to kick things off a bit and post a video I made about Beatrice Eliott back in the day. I don't know why I have yet to make another one. It's now officially on my To Do List. :)

I made this because Aunt Olivia was so horrible to Beatrice and everyone kept referring to her as not being beautiful. Hello people?! Have you seen Stella Gonet?!

Introductory Post

Welcome to LJ's only comm dedicated to the BBC series The House of Eliott!

Rules are few and simple:

1. Be nice - no bashing, flaming, trolling, or selling exclusive fashion designs to a rival house. Ask yourself: would Aunt Lydia approve?
2. Any large graphics, long text or Not Safe for Work content should go under an LJ cut.
3. All posts should be in some way related to the TV series concerned.
4. Have fun!

What is The House of Eliott, you may ask?
A brief introCollapse )

Please feel free to post anything related to the series: fic, icons, meta, discussion, reviews, challenges, links, fanvids, graphics, recs, news etc. As long as it's connected to HoE, it's welcome here.

Any further questions, please comment to this post, or pm one of the mods.

Inaugural Post: What's your ending?

Helloooo! So, as the first post in this little community I thought I'd ask, what's your ending?

Thanks to either a fire (!) or some other murky reason, the show ended at 3x10 with a disatisfying episode cliffhanger, Evie irrate and Tilly and Norman out of a job.  So,  what do you think was or could have been in those two final episodes? Or if for some reason that was *meant* to be the Series 3 finale with a Series 4 clearly intended, what would a further 12 episodes have given us?


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